We are an independent forest management business that tailors’ solutions to our clients needs.

Harvesting and Marketing

We work with forest owners to maximise forest value. This is generally achieved through an open book system. All revenues and costs are transparent to the owner and we work with you get the best out of both ends of the ledger. Working with owners creates a harvest plan that suits them and their property. A sound plan will always help to give the lowest cost structure.

Marketing forest produce brings together years of experience and relationships to put together a log sales plan that will maximise each forest. These plans are also transparent and are discussed with owners throughout the process.

Lump Sum Forest Sales

A lump sum forest sale is a method that some owners prefer. It is always good to have options, and this is certainly one that is simple and easy for the owner.

Forest Management

Management of a forest estate can bring about large increases in value if done well. We put together a strategy for each forest once we have determined the owners requirements. We can give several options based on input costs and expected end values. There can be a large variation in expected end values based on forest treatments and management. The internal rate of return will vary on each forest regime (or treatment), but we can work through these options to put together the strategy. No two forest are the same.

Forest Establishment

Once the forest has been harvested, we start again and re-establish the forest. This is all part of the cycle and what we do.

"From initial harvest planning through to the end of harvest and site clean-up, the entire operation has run without a hitch. Net returns from our harvest have exceeded by a significant margin the upper end of the range I had indicated about 18 months ago to my partners we could expect to find ourselves within.

"Aside from Waipa Forest Management Ltd’s flawless professionalism, Rob Angus personally is a delight to work with. With some experience in the wider forestry sector, we are well aware that you cannot assume that either your harvest manager is going to be steadfastly focused on achieving the very best return he or she can for you, or that the harvest operation will proceed smoothly through all of the various challenges that inevitably arise.

"Our experience with Waipa Forest Management Ltd and with Rob has been a dream in every respect, and we cannot recommend them highly enough to other prospective clients."

Simon Smale
Owner/Manager, Crocodile Forest Partnership

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